Stacking up the best all-time AFC West draft classes

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

ESPN Stats and Information rated more than 13,000 NFL draft picks to complete the NFL's 32 draft classes (one for each franchise) to determine the best class of all time. Voting begins Thursday.

The classes were chosen using a formula that awarded points to each player for various individual and teams accomplishments.

1 point: Super Bowl loss
2 points: Offensive rookie of the year
2 points: Defensive rookie of the year
2 points: Pro Bowl
3 points: Super Bowl victory
3 points: second-team All-Pro
4 points: first-team All-Pro
6 points: AP Defensive Player of the Year
6 points: AP Offensive Player of the Year
8 points: AP Most Valuable Player
15 points: Hall of Fame

Here are the AFC West candidates:

11. Oakland, 1968
16. San Diego Chargers, 1975
22. Denver Broncos, 1983
24. Kansas City Chiefs, 1967

ESPN Insider subscribers can see detailed breakdowns and find out which classes received honorable mentions for each club.