Cutler trade could come by Friday

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson
ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports that a Jay Cutler trade could happen as soon as Friday. Blame the expedited process on the presence of the Washington Redskins in the mix. The Redskins are one of the most aggressive teams in the league and if they want Cutler, they will push the matter.

There are several other teams in the hunt and the Broncos are going to consider several offers. Mortensen reports Denver is looking for two first-round picks for the 25-year-old Pro Bowl quarterback. Interestingly, Mortensen reports Denver isn't necessarily looking for a quarterback in return.

Maybe Denver isn't thrilled with the quarterbacks available in a deal, starting with Washington's Jason Campbell. But someone will have to emerge as Denver's quarterback in a post-Cutler lineup.

Could the Broncos really be thinking about using backup quarterback Chris Simms? I know new Denver coach Josh McDaniels believes in his system, but if he is going to trade a talent like Cutler, he better have a solid Plan B. Perhaps Denver will use a draft pick on a quarterback if a signal-caller isn't brought in through a Cutler trade.

Meanwhile, the Denver Post is reporting that McDaniels is holding a team meeting Thursday, his second since March 16. Sources in Denver have said the Cutler situation is a major topic, as expected, in the Broncos' locker room. McDaniels clearly feels like he has to take control of this issue with his players before it gets any further out of control.

It is another reminder of how crazy this situation has been. McDaniels has been on the job for less than three months and he is already in damage control.