Jay Cutler mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

The questions are pouring in so let's tackle the Jay Cutler saga:

Brian from St. Louis: Hey Bill, I'm just curious as to why St. Louis wouldn't be in the mix for Cutler? They have a "seasoned" QB who is getting older, plus the 2nd overall pick, and it would put Cutler in the NFC. As a Bronco fan who lives in St. Louis, I really wouldn't want Bulger in Denver, but he has had some success. I really wouldn't mind watching Cutler play here though. Just a thought...

BW: I could see the Rams getting in on the mix, but they have so many other needs that a new quarterback may not be St. Louis' top priority.

Tom Howe from Greensboro, NC: Bill, Love the blog man!! I am a huge Raiders fan and obviously know the history between them and the Broncos. I also know that a QB like Jay Cutler could totally change the face of our franchise and instantly make us a contender. Any chance it happens?
BW: OK, you want to see the Broncos trade the franchise quarterback to their most hated rival? Denver traded defensive tackle Gerard Warren to the Raiders for a fifth-round draft choice a couple of years ago, which was surprising enough. I can't see Cutler being traded to Oakland in any scenario. But it would be a crazy ending to a crazy story.

Matt from Denver: Bill, huge fan of the blog. With Bowlen coming right out and saying they will trade Cutler, what does that do to the asking price? Would they have been better served to keep things quiet? If they don't get a satisfactory offer, what happens then?
BW: Some people think the public announcement would hurt Denver's chances, but I don't think so. There are too many teams interested. Teams will be bidding against each other and the Broncos will get a package they want. This is a seller's market because of all of the interest.

Hancock from Charlotte, NC: No chance Carolina in the cutler sweepstakes???...Julius Peppers needs a 3-4.

BW: Yes, I can see the Panthers being in the Cutler mix. The Peppers connection certainly fits. He'd help Denver. But it probably would take more than just Peppers to get Cutler. If Carolina gets Cutler, it will become one nasty team. It would be an instant Super Bowl contender.