AFC West gets edge on NFC West

The AFC West won the battle of the Wests.


You can thank the Kansas City Chiefs.

The first-place Chiefs completed their NFC West sweep with a convincing 27-13 win at St. Louis on Sunday. The Chiefs’ win gave the AFC West a 9-7 advantage over the NFC West in intra-conference games.

San Diego and Oakland both finished 2-2 against the NFC West. Denver was 1-3 against the NFC West. The combined season record of the four AFC West teams is 27-29. The combined NFC West record is 21-35.

The AFC West probably should have fared better than a collective 9-7 against the NFC West. In fact, if the Chargers, 8-6, and Raiders, 7-7, fall short of the Chiefs and the playoffs, they will both be able to point their inability to take advantage of games against the NFC West as reasons why the Chiefs outlasted them in the division.

The AFC West will play the NFC North next season.