'You pick it' responses

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

We had a landslide in this week's "you pick it" feature. And I have to agree - the Jay Cutler story was the story of the week. Hands down. It isn't every day when a team announces it will pursue trading its 25-year-old Pro Bowl quarterback.

The other candidates were the Larry Johnson situation in Kansas City and the NFL implementing the "Ed Hochuli" rule stemming from a controversial play during San Diego's Week 2 visit to Denver that helped the Broncos win the game in the final seconds.

Here are some of your responses:

Aaron from St.Augustine, FL: Clearly the AFC west story line is the Denver Broncos trading Jay Cutler. As a Denver Bronco fan this really hurts. I thought with McDaniels coming, Cutler would blossum and become one of the best QB's in the NFL. I think McDaniels started off on a bad foot and put a bad taste into most of the Bronco Nation. All I have to look forward to this year is last place in the AFC west. Sad day in Denver.

Damien from Oklahoma City: Hey Bill, Love your blogs, it's obviously the Cutler situation.I just dont understand Josh McDaniels, he is a bright young coach, nobody denies that. However, Denver had the worst and most frustrating defense of all time last year. Bringing in Mike Nolan was great, as was cutting people for cap space, and I was very excited about Brian Dawkins. So with all the problems on defense, the Broncos have a great young nucleus on offense, which is led by Cutler. So why in the world would you want to mess that up? People point to the fact that Cutler is only 17-20 as a starter. Well in those 37 games the defense held the opponents to 21 points or less only 14 times. 14 times in 37 games. And in those 14 games Cutler is 13-1 with the only loss being against Green Bay last year on the 1st play of overtime. As a head coach, it's your responsibility to set your team up for sucess. Now I understand your proud of what Cassel did last year, which isn't a suprise considering it's the highest scoring offense of all time, and you have Moss and Welker to throw to. But if you took a 7th round pick who hasn't started a game since high school, and turned him into a starting quarterback. Why wouldn't you want to see what you can do with a proven Pro Bowl quarterback who was groomed by one of the best ever in Mike Shanahan. The Broncos have been looking for the next John Elway the last 10 years, well we have him, and Josh McDaniels is going to let him get away. It's a shame.

Daylon from Wyoming: For sure it is Cutler. I understand him being upset at being traded, but if you really want to get back at McDaniels you show up and prove yourself to be the leader of your team. That would have made McDaniels look like a fool for wanting to trade him. Looks like my beloved Broncos will be the cellar dweller for awhile, thanks alot Coach and Jay.

Brandon the Bronco Hater: I think the story is the Jay Cutler trade. I got to be honest I love this drama in Denver. What do you think the odds of the Chiefs will trade for him being that Mcdaniels wanted cassel in the first place?

John from Shingle Springs, CA: I think the top story is Denver's opportunity to give a deadly virus to the team of its choosing. Denver has the chance to set another franchise back for years. Which team will they pick?