Evening AFC West notes

San Diego coach Norv Turner marvels at the season his quarterback, Philip Rivers, is putting together. Here is an argument for Rivers being the NFL MVP. I think Rivers deserves serious consideration for the MVP, but I bet he finishes behind New England quarterback Tom Brady and Philadelphia quarterback Michael Vick. Go ahead and start the East-coast bias rant if you like.

The Chargers signed linebacker Brandon Moore. He hasn’t played in the NFL since 2007 with the 49ers. San Diego cut linebacker Darry Beckwith to make room for Moore.

Running back Thomas Jones influence on the Chiefs has been felt on the field and in the locker room. His teammates have nominated him for a prestigious league award that has a rich Kansas City history.

Here are some bright spots in an otherwise miserable year in Denver.

UPDATE: The Raiders signed punter Danny Baugher to the practice squad. Star Oakland punter Shane Lechler is dealing with a hamstring injury. The move to bring in Baugher was smart. The Raiders can get him acclimated in practice while seeing if Lechler can play. If Lechler can’t play, Oakland can simply promote Baugher at the last minute without worrying about who’ll replace Lechler. Still, the Raiders need to keep the game-changing Lechler on the field if they can.