AFC West mailbag

Mid-week mail call:

Aaron R. from Saint Augustine, Fla., wants to know if fired San Francisco coach Mike Singletary could be a candidate to be the defensive coordinator in Denver.

Bill Williamson: Well, we need to see who the next head coach is going to be first. But it’s a good thought. Singletary, who was fired Sunday night, will likely be a candidate to be a defensive coordinator somewhere. If he has a connection with the next coach in Denver, I could see him being a candidate. Denver’s previous coach, Josh McDaniels, brought in the man Singletary replaced in San Francisco, Mike Nolan, as his defensive coordinator two years ago. Perhaps history will be repeated.

Joey from Los Angeles wants to know what was the biggest reason why the Chargers didn’t make the playoffs.

BW: The Chargers are 8-7, thus there are a lot of reasons why they were a disappointment this season. But I think you have to point to the special teams issues that handcuffed this team for the first three quarters of the seasons as the biggest reason why the Chargers’ run has ended. The Chargers just couldn’t overcome their myriad of problems on special teams soon enough and it cost them dearly.

Michael from Iowa wants to know if the Raiders could make a play for Denver quarterback Kyle Orton.

BW: I think it may be a long shot. I think the only way Orton ends up in Oakland in 2011 is if Denver releases him. If the Broncos go with Tim Tebow as the starter and gets rid of Orton, they will likely look to trade him. There may be a market since there are always teams looking for an upgrade at quarterback. I’d doubt the Broncos would deal him to Oakland. Anyway, the Raiders would have to decide to replace Jason Campbell before pursuing Orton.