AFC West Mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Mid-week mail call:

Khaled Azimi from Fremont,Ca: Hey Bill, I was wondering do you think there is a chance that Aaron Curry can slip past the 6th pick? If he does, both Crabtree and Maclin available, what is the chance the Raiders will take him?

BW: I don't see it. Kansas City likely takes him at No. 3. If not Seattle (No. 4) or Cleveland (No. 5) would likely take Curry, who many scouts believe is the best defensive player available.

Anthony L. from San Diego: still nothing new about the chargers is osgood still on the trading block, new stadium in the works?

BW: The Chargers have been quiet. Osgood is still on the market but there hasn't been much movement.

Aaron from Syracuse: BW, we've heard about the new faces in the KC LB Corps, but what about our front 3? Is Hali really an effective enough end? How does Dorsey fit in? Are either of these guys on the trade block? What are the chances KC looks at Orakpo, Maybin or Ayers at #3 or in a trade down situation?

BW: Some scouts I've talked to don't think Hali or Dorsey fits the 3-4 very well. If the Chiefs wanted to trade Dorsey I think they could get a lot for him. He was very highly rated last year. Hali may be tougher to move.

Mike from Modesto: If the Raiders draft Crabtree and when there second pick is up and Darrius Heyward-Bey is still there do you think they would draft him too

BW: I could see it. The Raiders would likely jump on him but he'll likely be taken in the tail end of the first round where a lot of teams will be looking for receivers.

Fred from Anaheim: What are the chances of the Chargers trading up and selecting a Running back like Shonn Greene or LeSean McCoy in the second round.

BW: If the Chargers acquire a second-round pick, but may be through a trade back from No. 16 to compile picks. If that happens, I say San Diego could get a running back in the second round.

Mark from Denver: Hey Bill I was wondering where you would rank Texas A&M's Stephen McGee on the Broncos later round draft prospects? He is a smart guy (got his masters in business while playing at A&M) and a good arm. He just happened to be in a bad offense for his first three years and got hurt last year. Anyway he seems like the kind of guy that McDaniels would want to develop as an early second day pick. Your thoughts?

BW: I think he is a guy to look at. Josh McDaniels loved indentifying quarterbacks late in the draft. Texas Tech's Graham Harrell could also be a quarterback Denver examines on the second day of the draft. Denver will take a quarterback but the question is when? Given McDaniels' history in New England, it very well could be late in the draft.