Around the AFC West

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Denver owner Pat Bowlen believes the Jay Cutler trade was a win-win situation.

My take: What else is Bowlen supposed to say? He has to take the high road concerning Cutler because there is still a belief that his new coach, Josh McDaniels, is at fault for allowing the situation with the quarterback to deteriorate. Bowlen also continued to support McDaniels. Again, what else would you expect? Bowlen's legacy hinges in part on his decision to fire Mike Shanahan and hire McDaniels. He needs McDaniels to succeed.

Kansas City

The Chiefs have a tough early schedule.

My take: It is a tough early slate but the schedule gets easier late in the season for the new-look Chiefs. If the Chiefs can hang tough in the first three months of the season, they could be fine down the stretch.


Free-agent receiver Ronald Curry is visiting Detroit.

My take: Curry fell out of favor in Oakland and the Raiders had little interest in re-signing him. Curry was a decent contributor for Oakland at one time. But last season, when Oakland needed him to step up, he couldn't make an impact. His departure is not a big loss.