Denver Broncos pursuing Mike Mularkey

We mentioned last week that Atlanta offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey could be a hot commodity in Denver, and on Tuesday the Broncos showed that they are very interested in the former Buffalo head coach.

The Broncos announced on Twitter that they will interview Mularkey on Friday. He is the first announced outside interview. Interim head coach Eric Studesville is also being interviewed, but he’s considered to be a long shot.

There is significance that Mularkey is the first announced interview. The Atlanta Falcons are the No. 1 seed in the NFC playoffs and they have a bye this week. This is the only week Mularkey can interview until the Falcons’ season is over.

Mularkey is considered a potential favorite in Denver because of his head-coaching experience, his willingness to simply coach the team and his work with Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan. Denver has quarterback Tim Tebow going into his second season and his development is paramount to the team’s future.

Meanwhile, perhaps an obstacle to pursuing Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh has been hurdled for Denver. It is being reported that he is unlikely to go to his alma mater, Michigan. ESPN’s Adam Schefter has reported John Elway (who will be introduced Wednesday as the Broncos’ new front-office leader) is wooing Harbaugh.

San Francisco, Miami and Carolina could also pursue Harbaugh. If one of those teams give Harbaugh personnel power, it could be enticing. That very likely won’t happen in Denver with Elway talking over.

UPDATE: Mularkey will also interview in Cleveland.