Five questions with Tim Tebow

ESPN’s "Year of the Quarterback" kicks off Thursday night with a documentary following Tim Tebow from the 2010 Sugar Bowl to 2010 draft night when the Denver Broncos traded three picks to take him at No. 25.

The film, “Tim Tebow: Everything in Between,” airs Thursday at 7 p.m. ET We caught up with Tebow to discuss the film and his future with the Denver Broncos:

Bill Williamson: What do you want people to take from this film?

Tim Tebow: “I hope it’s a positive message for kids who trying to accomplish their dreams. I want to show them that there are adversity and obstacles for everyone but you can make it. I am honestly living my dream, but I had adversity and obstacles. I want kids to get hope from this.”

BW: What was it like having cameras around you all the time?

TT: “I trusted (director) Chase Heavener. We are they were friends so it was a lot of fun. They were around for six months and it was so fun, I didn’t even notice the cameras. At the end of the day I’d say “Where Y’all been today?” They’d look at me and say “Are you kidding me, we’ve been three feet away from you filming all day.’ It was very natural and I think they got a lot of good footage.”

BW: So should we expect a reality show next?

TT: No, [laughing] there will definitely not be a Tim Tebow reality show.

BW: What are you going to do this offseason to ensure you are the Broncos’ starting quarterback in 2011?

TT: “First, I want to learn the new playbook as soon as possible, then go to work on my fundamentals. I’m going to get started very quickly. This is a huge opportunity for me. So I look forward to watching a lot of film and getting back and talking everything I’ve learned in the past three weeks and work toward getting better.”

BW: What are looking for in a new coach?

TT: “It’s not necessarily in my control. But I know we will be getting a coach who is passionate and who is competitive and our team will feed off those two things. I look forward to it.”

Meanwhile, Tebow will participate in an ESPN.com chat at 11 a.m. Thursday to further discuss the film. I’m sure you can sneak in a question or two about the Broncos’ current state.