You pick it responses

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

There was no clear winner in this week's "you pick it" feature.

The candidates were: Kansas City signing linebacker Zach Thomas; the Raiders signing quarterback Jeff Garcia and the Chiefs cutting 2008 fourth-round pick Will Franklin.
Each candidate got some support. Below are some of your responses. Thanks to those who participated:

Brad from Hampton Roads, VA: I would have to say the story of the week had to be the Raiders picking up Garcia. Finally bringing in a veteran QB with playoff experience that can coach this guy and help develop him is the best think Oakland has done in years. If Garcias work ethic and knowledge of the game can rub off on JRuss just a little bit, that will make him that much better. It doesnt take much to sway a young QB and get him on the right track to being what he is expected to be with the right mentor. Hopefully the help that Garcia and Gradkowski can bring to the QB position will help the Raiders get out of the slump they have had with failed QBs in Oakland.

Kevin from Prairie Village, KS:I think the Wil Franklin cut is awful. You cut a 4th round pick. The chiefs could have waited to see how he performed in training camp. I realize he only had 7 catches last year for 83 yards. That is about 12 yards per reception. Remember he was a rookie. I think he has a real upside. Another team will give him a chance.

Matthew from OKC: I think both the Thomas signing and Franklin cut are pretty equal. It shows the Pioli is not afraid to cut people if he thinks they don't fit into his system, and that he is not afraid to sign veterans that he feels can upgrade the team. Definitely shows he's willing to do whatever move he thinks best for the organization, and that he's not just worried about pleasing fans. As a side note, Gonzo said he would want to stay if upgrades were made to the defense. Vrabel and Thomas seem like upgrades, so do you think that will influence Gonzo's decision if he wants to stay or not?

Ben from Layton UT: Hi Bill .. great blog as always. The Garcia signing is my pick here. Russell will only benefit from being around a hard worker like Garcia. Garcia's competative nature, work ethic, and experience will give JMac another angle to learn from...AND! (huge bonus here), Garcia gives the Raiders the experience and skill at backup that Walter and Tui never gave them.

Parker from Boulder: Got to be Garcia, Bill. Competition for the franchise Qb is a very big deal. Overall I like the move, it looks like the two are getting along well so hopefully Russell picks up some of Garcias game prep/ work ethic. Russell regressed we have a winner to step in.

Big J from Sacramento: Bill, for me personally, the storyline of the week would be Zach Thomas signing with KC. I like Thomas as the mlb for the next two years, but the really interesting part is wondering (hoping/praying!!)if he brings his brother-in-law (Jason Taylor) with him. If we could get JT, that could completly change the draft for KC, and really speed up the "rebuilding." At the same time, maybe it would make Gonzo happy too. Win-win-win!! On a side note, dumping Will Franklin after 1 year was a terrible decision. He'll end up as a solid #2 received in the league, just watch!