AFC West mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Shubaan from Oakland: Hey BW, I was watching ESPN and Todd McShay said that if both Crabtree and Maclin are availible at the seventh pick, Raiders take Maclin. If both are available, do you think that there is any chance that the Raiders pass on Crabtree?

BW: I'd be surprised if Crabtree wasn't the pick in that scenario. But Todd McShay knows his stuff. Maclin is a speed burner and Al Davis loves those types of players. But I think Crabtree is going to be the better player.

Bill from Hampton, VA: Bill, I know last season that the Chargers tried to trade with the Raiders for Michael Bush. Do you think that there is any chance that the Chargers could make a run at him again? What do you think the Chargers would have to give up to make that deal happen? Bill

BW: From what I've heard, the Raiders got nervous about the idea of sending Bush to a division foe. I don't see that apprehension changing.

Jonas from San Diego: How come the Chargers don't get the same recognition as the pats or the colts if the chargers have beat both teams?

BW: Three words, Jonas: Super Bowl titles.

Wichita: first off you do an outstanding job covering the afc west Bill,my question is, if curry and crabtree are both available at #3 what are the chances the Chiefs take crabtree? this would make more sense to me beacause like many other chiefs fans i am tired of losing and want to win some games now, and i believe KC is a player or two from being an elite offense but many players from being and elite defense, i think crabtree could bring the O to another level, and while curry may be a great player it will take a lot more than him for the D to be even a top 10 defense. i think we could win many shootouts. thanks and awesome job Bill

BW: I could see Crabtree being the pick and I think it would be a fine pick. I really like this guy. But I think Curry is the choice if he is on the board. Now, if he is gone, I'd have no trouble with Kansas City taking Crabtree. He'd make that offense very dangerous.

Brian: I keep hearing the possibility of the Chargers trading down. If that's the case who in the later stages of the first round might want to make the jump

BW: I could see San Diego moving down to get a second-round pick in addition to a late choice in the first round. San Diego could look at running backs or linebackers near the end of the first round.