Scout's view: Fox hire

I caught up with Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. to discuss whether or not he thinks Denver’s hiring of John Fox is a good fit for the team’s personnel.

Williamson said there are two keys here, whether or not Denver’s defense fits Fox’s plans and whether or not he likes quarterback Tim Tebow. Williamson thinks that it appears to be a good marriage.

“I really like the fit here,” Williamson said. “I don’t see any negatives with this hire.”

Williamson on the defensive fit: “I know Fox hasn’t committed to using the 4-3 or 3-4. I expect him to use the 4-3. Denver really doesn’t have a good front seven, so Fox can do with whatever he wants. He’ll be looking for several new players as well. I think Robert Ayers will be a good defensive end in the 4-3 and linebacker D.J. Williams will fit in the 4-3 and you have find a place for Elvis Dumervil. Other than that, I could see Denver looking for four other front-seven players, although linebacker Wesley Woodyard may fit as a 4-3 linebacker. If Auburn defensive tackle Nick Fairley is available with the No. 2 pick, Denver needs to take him.”

Williamson on how to use Dumervil in a 4-3: He is a great pass rusher. But he’s not great in coverage and his body type is not built to stack the run. He’s best suited as an outside linebacker in a 3-4. But he can help in the 4-3. I’d just rotate him in and keep him fresh and allow him to attack the quarterback in passing situations.”

On Tim Tebow: “The offensive question about John Fox is will he be able to develop a quarterback? He hasn’t done that. Keeping offensive coordinator Mike McCoy is a smart idea. He did some nice things with Tebow at the end of the season and I think he and Tebow can do some good things together. It sounds like Fox likes Tebow, so I think it works.”