You pick it responses

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Again, no clear winner in this week's "you pick it" feature.

The candidates were Tony Gonzalez and Brian Waters not going to Kansas City's voluntary minicamp last week; the retirement of broadcaster John Madden and his subsequent announcement that he will not join the Raiders and the Denver Broncos working out USC quarterback Mark Sanchez.

All three storylines received some support. Here are some of your comments:

Zach from Great Falls: I think the story is that Denver had a private workout with Sanchez. Even though McDaniels did not attend, it's raising concern that the Broncos might be stupid enough to waste picks for good defensive talent when we can find a QB and raise him the "New England" way. This draft has to be about defense for the broncos.

Meek: What a pleasure it is that John is so deeply seeded in oakland history. An arguement could be made that Al Davis is the best thing ever to happen to the nfl. Well John Madden is a close second. He certainly should be grouped with the likes of Al and Bill Walsh.

thechiefsrule897: Who cares if tony g and waters didn't attend the minicamp...it's called a VOLUNTARY minicamp for a reason....

odstcci940: Kansas city possibly trading any three players. What are the chance Brian Waters gets traded to a team like buffalo for a second or third?

JoshA58: Madden retiring. THAT is BIG news.