Matt Cassel still has his QB tutor

I know a lot of Kansas City Chiefs fans are nervous about the further development of quarterback Matt Cassel now that Charlie Weis has departed for the University of Florida.

The feeling is understandable. Cassel made major strides in 2010, Weis’ one season in Kansas City.

But fans need to take solace in the fact that assistant coach Nick Sirianni is remaining. Kansas City insiders say that Sirianni had a huge influence on Cassel this season. He worked very closely with him and the two have a good working relationship.

So, there’s no reason to think that Cassel will take a major step backward, because Sirianni will continue to work with him.

Sirianni’s name has surfaced as a possible candidate to replace Weis. Even if he doesn’t get the promotion, Sirianni will still work with Cassel on day-to-day basis. So, while Weis’ departure is significant, Cassel’s future success is not in major peril.