Would Dez Bryant fit in the AFC West?

ESPN Dallas ponders whether the Dallas Cowboys would consider trading receiver Dez Bryant.

Bryant, a first-round pick in 2010, showed great ability before being lost for the season with a leg injury. He also was reportedly late for meetings and didn’t master Dallas’ playbook quickly. Still, if Dallas were to deal Bryant, it would likely take a first-round pick to get him. Would he fit in the AFC West? Let’s take a look:

Denver: The Broncos bypassed Bryant in favor of receiver Demaryius Thomas with the 22nd pick. Thomas was often hurt as a rookie, but he showed promise. New Denver coach John Fox was very complimentary of Denver’s receiving crew when he was hired. I doubt the Broncos would make such a bold move at receiver when there are much bigger pressing needs.

Kansas City: The Chiefs will likely consider a receiver with the No. 21 pick. Bryant would be a steal there. And he’d be a dynamic addition to this offense. But Kansas City general manager usually stays away with players who have had character concerns. So, I’d be surprised if this would be a fit.

Oakland: The Raiders would love to have Bryant. Bryant and Jacoby Ford would be a nasty combination. But Oakland doesn’t have a first-round pick. Thus, making a deal would be difficult.

San Diego: San Diego is a lot like Kansas City in this case. The Chargers will likely consider taking a receiver at No. 18. Bryant would fit that offense. But the Chargers usually stay away from players with character concerns. In the end, I’d doubt Bryant would end up in the AFC West if the Cowboys, indeed, pursued dealing him.