St. Louis is best spot for McDaniels

Josh McDaniels’ could have ended up somewhere that made a bigger splash for the AFC West.

Had he went to Kansas City to be offensive coordinator, it would have been a gold mine of AFC West fodder. Had he gone to Minnesota, he would have faced the Denver Broncos -- who fired him in December after a disastrous 28-game run -- in 2011 and would square off against Denver nemesis Jay Cutler twice a season.

The fact that McDaniels landed in St. Louis as the Rams’ new offensive coordinator doesn’t offer any thrilling AFC West connections. Since the AFC West just played the NFC West, we won’t see McDaniels face Denver until 2014 unless he moves on.

And frankly, taking the St. Louis gig -- McDaniels also interviewed in Minnesota and talked to Seattle -- is McDaniels’ best path to career rehabilitation. I know its McDaniels’ goal to become as a head coach again within two seasons. Working with Rams’ young star quarterback Sam Bradford should help the cause of the 34-year-old McDaniels.

Yes, McDaniels’ tenure in Denver was bad, but it was mostly because of poor personnel decisions. He can coach offense. That much is clear.

So, if the Rams do well, McDaniels’ can resurrect his career.

It is interesting that he is getting his second chance from St. Louis coach Steve Spagnuolo, who was a top runner-up to McDaniels when Denver hired him. The Rams hired Spagnuolo shortly afterward.