AFC West mailbag

Mid-week mail call:

Jon from KCMO wants to know if I think the Chiefs could go after receivers Vincent Jackson or Larry Fitzgerald.

Bill Williamson: Fitzgerald, who played for Kansas City coach Todd Haley in Arizona, isn’t a free agent until after 2011, and Jackson could be given the franchise tag by San Diego. If Jackson was free I could see Kansas City perhaps making a move. We haven’t seen Scott Pioli make a huge splash in free agency, other than signing running back Thomas Jones. Signing Jackson would be a huge splash. But he’d fit in great. A Jackson-Dwayne Bowe combination coupled with that running game would make Kansas City nasty. But he’d cost big money.

Junior from RAF Lakenheath wants to know if I think Denver could trade Elvis Dumervil to Houston for Mario Williams.

BW: I see why you thought of this, Junior. The Broncos are expected to go to a 4-3 defense and Dumervil is best suited for a 3-4. The same exact opposite is occurring in Houston, where Williams is best suited for a 4-3. It makes sense. But it might be one of the deals that makes so much sense that there’s no chance it would happen. I don’t know if these teams would have the guts to do it, although Williams would probably be a better Bronco than a Texan, and Dumervil would likely be a better Texan than a Bronco because of the scheme changes. My best bet is that each team will try to fit these immensely talented players in their new schemes and see what happens.

James McCullough from Orlando wants to know if I could see the Chargers moving up to draft Nebraska cornerback Prince Amukamara if they can’t sign Nnamdi Asomugha as a free agent.

BW: I would be surprised if either player ended up in San Diego. It was reported that the Chargers are thinking about pursuing Asomugha, but every team will likely think about it. The Chargers really don’t have a need at cornerback, but you have to think about adding a talent like Asomugha. I think if the Chargers move up, it could be a for a player at another position such as Alabama receiver Julio Jones. The Chargers, who moved up 16 spots last year to grab running back Ryan Mathews, are equipped to move up. They have extra second-and-third-round picks.