You pick it responses

The moving on of two former AFC West head coaches was the story of the week in our AFC West storyline feature this week.

Readers voted for Josh McDaniels’ hiring in St. Louis as offensive coordinator and Tom Cable’s hiring in Seattle as offensive line/assistant head coach. McDaniels was fired in Denver in December and Cable was fired in Oakland earlier this month. The other candidates were former NFL head coach Jim Mora turning down the Broncos’ defensive coordinator job and Kansas City quarterback Matt Cassel making the Pro Bowl.

I agree with the readers. McDaniels and Cable were big names in the AFC West. The fact that they are moving on is fairly big news. Below are some of your responses. Thanks to everyone who participated:

Jerry from Memphis: It’s the story of McDaniels and Cable getting new jobs. I think these are two pretty good coaches and I think they will make the Rams and Seahawks better.

Terry from Baltimore: McDaniels will make Sam Bradford a star. This is a big pickup. He may have been lousy in Denver, but this is a good coach.

Stan from Seattle: I think Tom Cable and Josh McDaniels is just want the NFC West needs. These are two big picks. It’s the story of the week.

Tony from Denver: The story of the week is Josh McDaniels getting a new job. We can finally close the book on his terrible Denver chapter. Yes.

Jason from Parker, Colo.: Bill, love your blogs as always! But the biggest story this week has got to be Mora bowing out. Though this seems to be more of "family time" issue, it just continues to set the tone that this Denver Broncos Staff MUST MUST MUST get it right this time. They've already lost out on a lot of chances in coaching because of what McD did to this team.

Mark from KC: It is the hiring of Tom Cable in Seattle. Oakland simply put is a mess and I would contend this lays at the feet of Al Davis. Davis cannot seem to stop making emotional decisions and start making sound football ones. This team sweeps the AFC West and misses the playoffs. This is embarrassing sure, but finishing 8-8 is a big step up for Oakland and this team was performing well. Al Davis can keep running down his list of "done me wrong" but he surely has to begin to see the common denominator in this football equation.

Bryce from Tucson: The story of the week is Cassel going to Hawaii. This is a very deserved honor as he had a great season despite having many doubters. In an AFC filled with great quarterbacks, I am glad Cassel is getting the recognition he deserves. Not many quarterbacks can take their team from 4-12 to 10-6 and a division championship. The next trick will be a playoff win.