AFC West salary-cap update

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

The final stages of free agency are upon us and the draft is in the books. Still, each team in the AFC West has at least adequate (great in one case) salary-cap space.

Below is a rundown of AFC West team's cap situation. The cap numbers do not reflect the undrafted free-agent signings each team made this week, but the total shouldn't be affected too much by those signings.


Cap room: $12.5 million.

What's left to do: More than half of the team's cap space will go to its 10-player draft class. Denver may try to sign a defensive lineman or two before training camp.


Cap room: $31.6 million.

What's left to do: The Chiefs are swimming in cap room. It wouldn't be a surprise if Kansas City signs quarterback Matt Cassel to a lucrative contract extension to eat some room. The Chiefs still need a big-time pass-rusher. They have plenty of room to pursue defensive end Jason Taylor if they choose to.


Cap room: $8.2 million.

What's left to do: The Raiders will have room to pursue a veteran or two in addition to paying their draft class. Oakland could use another receiver and tackle for depth.


Cap room: $7.8 million.

What's left to do: The Chargers can add another player or two in addition to their draft class. The Chargers don't have many holes but if a player gets injured or a free agent intrigues them, the Chargers have some flexibility.