Oakland DC search update

Recently, the Oakland Tribune floated the name of Green Bay secondary coach Darren Perry as a possible candidate in Oakland as defensive coordinator. It had been reported that Philadelphia was going to be in hot pursuit of Perry after Green Bay plays in the Super Bowl next Sunday.

Now there is talk that Perry may not be the Eagles’ top target. So perhaps Oakland can get involved. Green Bay runs a 3-4 defense, as do the New York Jets. It was reported that Oakland was denied permission to talk to Jets’ secondary coach, Dennis Thurman. It will be interesting to see if the Raiders end up hiring a coach well versed in the 3-4. The Raiders have been running 4-3 defense as their base scheme with some 3-4 sprinkled in.

Oakland has several front-seven players who are natural fits for the 3-4. If Oakland doesn’t hire a defensive coordinator this week, it could be a sure sign the Raiders are waiting to talk to a Super Bowl participant such as Perry or Green Bay linebackers coach Winston Moss.

Meanwhile, I have received a lot questions from readers if Oakland could be interested in either Philadelphia quarterback Kevin Kolb or Tennessee quarterback Vince Young. ESPN has reported their respective teams would like to trade the players.

I don’t think the Raiders will try to trade for Kolb. He’d be expensive and the Raiders like Jason Campbell as a starter. If Young gets no interest as a starter, I could see the Raiders signing him as a backup if he was cut by the Titans.