Could Raiders be America's team?

As part of our Super Bowl coverage, ESPN.com has a three-way debate on what NFL team is truly America’s Team?

Chad Millman supports the Steelers, Gene Wojciechowski supports the Packers and Tim MacMahon supports the Cowboys.

As always, we need to make this an AFC West topic. Do you think any of the four teams in the division deserve to be in the conversation? The division has been down -- the AFC West hasn’t been represented in the Super Bowl in eight years, which is the longest streak by any division in the NFL -- but there is a lot of support for each team.

If I had to nominate an AFC West team to be considered America’s Team, it would probably be Oakland. It seems to me the Raiders have fans from across the country. While it’s not great that Oakland rarely sells out at home, it seems there’s always a strong road contingent of Oakland fans.

I’m sure you all have opinions. Fill the comment section below on your thoughts.