Tim Brown's hometown dream

It was clearly disappointing for Tim Brown not to make the Pro Football hall of Fame last year in his first year of eligibility.

However, it would be a thrill of a lifetime for Brown to be elected into the hall of fame Saturday in his hometown of Dallas. The former Raiders receiver is one of 17 finalists for election. The vote and announcement will be made Saturday.

ESPN Dallas has an outstanding look at Brown’s candidacy. Brown resides in Dallas. He was a star at the city's Woodrow Wilson High School.

"I think it would mean a lot more to me happening here, even over being a first-ballot Hall of Famer," Brown told ESPN Dallas. "Being around my family and immediately sharing this with the people who are the reasons why I ended up where I ended up would just be an incredible deal."

The Heisman Trophy winner at Notre Dame was a dominant NFL player. Brown caught 1,094 passes for 14,934 yards and 100 touchdowns. The receptions and yardage are fourth most in NFL history. The touchdown catches are tied for sixth best.

"If I needed a completion," Brown’s Oakland quarterback Rich Gannon told ESPN Dallas, "I knew where to look."

Brown told ESPN Dallas that he is going to try to relax and not get too caught up into the process like he did last year. He is taking a more relaxed approach this year.

"You just don't want to go through all that and then be disappointed,” Brown said. “But certainly I'm sure the thank you will flow to all the people who were an integral part of me being the player I was."

I will have more on Brown’s candidacy Friday along with the hopes of fellow AFC West finalists Shannon Sharpe and Willie Roaf.