AFC West mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Paulos: Hey Bill, What do you think of the Chargers drafting Vaughn Martin? Is this kid another AJ Smith diamond in the rough? I heard he had he been in the combine he would have performed better than almost all the other DT's. 6'3 331 lbs, 44 reps on the bench, a 4.96 40-yd dash and apparently he had a 4.31 20-yard shuttle time?? Is this guy some crazy phisical specimen who's as big as Jamal Williams and as quick as merriman? Did we draft him too high? Thanks, Paulos
BW: Martin is an intriguing prospect. I know some other teams liked him in the fourth round as well. He will need time to develop and get used to the intense competition increase. He has all the measurables. He just has to show he can handle it. It may take a couple of years, but Martin is a prospect to watch.

Conrad from Parker: BW, refering to the Broncos rosters. I really think the signing of NT Chris Baker will solidify the NT position. Most draft analysts had Baker as a mid-round pick. I don't see a big difference between Ron Brace and Chris Baker in terms of talent. Hopefully, Baker has addresses his character concerns.

BW: Baker is a guy the Broncos liked earlier in the draft. He has a chance. But like Martin, he is a project. Don't expect much at all early from Baker. He could even be a practice squad candidate initially.

JT from St. Louis, Mo: It seems likely that either the Raiders or Chiefs will have the first pick in next year's draft. With Sam Bradford the likely #1 guy, I can't see either team wanting to take him. Your thoughts?

BW: If Oakland has the worst record in the NFL that likely would mean JaMarcus Russell would have a terrible 2009. If that's the case, Oakland could be in the mix for Bradford.

Raphael from Paris, France: Bill, Now that the Pittsburgh releasing or trading Larry Foote rumor is confirmed, do you think there is a chance he'll end up with one of the AFC West teams ? He knows the 3-4 and San Diego, Denver and Kansas City all need good ILBs that fit the scheme. As a Charger fan, I would love to pick up a former Steeler since he would add tremendous experience and leadership to a team that needs help and leadership on defense. He's only 28 and would be a huge upgrade over Wilhelm in San Diego. We would then have Cooper, Burnett, Foote and Dobbins rotating to form a very good inside linebacker group.

BW: I think Foote may be headed to Detroit if he is released. I think Denver and Kansas City could be interested more than San Diego because those two teams have bigger needs at linebacker.