The AFC West has 73 looming FAs

Thanks to some number-crunching by NFC West blogger Mike Sando, we have a nice breakdown of the potential number of free agents in the AFC West as we enter an uncertain time in the NFL because of labor issues.

Sando breaks down the potential free agents by accrued seasons entering 2010, as provided by the NFLPA. Most players listed earned an accrued season in 2010. Players traditionally have needed four accrued seasons to qualify for unrestricted free agency. The looming expiration of the collective bargaining agreement upped those requirements last offseason.

Under this scenario, Oakland has the second most free agents in the NFL with 26. San Diego has 23, Kansas City 17 and Denver has a league-low seven. The division is tied for the most free agents in the NFL with 73.

So, whenever free agency starts, the AFC West will be plenty busy.