You pick it responses

In a busy week in the AFC West, the San Diego Chargers' decision to give standout receiver Vincent Jackson the franchise tag was our story of the week. The other candidates were serious injuries suffered by Denver receivers Demaryius Thomas (Achilles tendon) and Eddie Royal (hip) and the Chiefs’ visit with free-agent defensive tackle Shaun Rogers.

I have no problem with the reader’s decision. All three stories were strong, but the fact is Jackson will likely be back in San Diego after the previous season’s dramatics resulted in a long holdout.

Below are some of your responses. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Erin from San Diego: Hi Bill,The story has to be SD putting the franchise tag on VJax. Not only does this mean Rivers has his favorite deep target back, but SD no longer needs to draft a receiver first. Huge news for the Chargers.

Jesse from San Diego: AJ continuing his prideful bout with Vjax by franchising him is the story of the week. Although Jackson may not be thrilled, it was the right move for the Chargers moving forward. (Poor guy will only make 10 million. :( ) The chemistry between Rivers and Jackson is ridiculous and with Jackson and Gates on the field at the same time, good luck to opposing defenses. It will also take some pressure off of Mathews which I believe will help in his development. Personally, I'm thrilled to have the services of Vjax for at least one more year. If he has a good year on and off the field, he could be here to stay. But, we are talking about AJ so....who knows.

Casey from Iowa: Big time chiefs fan... so you know i am not playing blind favorites.Story of the week is easily Jackson and Chargers. Their publicly announced soon-to-be divorce that plagued their season has now been through marriage counseling and they are working towards a healthier relationship. That is big time news!

Jason from Parker, CO: This weeks is a hard choice. I would have to say the story of the week is Vincent get Franchise Tagged. But more-so for the fact that he's said he'll sign it AND PLAY. If wasn't for that news, then it would have been a tie between that story and the one in Denver. Here's to hoping Royal comes back better. Thomas.... He may just be ANOTHER GUY that can't play NFL football, cuz he can't stay healthy.

Aaron from Syracuse: Even as a Chiefs fan, I believe the story of the week has to be the Broncos' WRs. It will be tough for Tebow to develop, and tough for Denver to win without these young receivers in camp and/or if they regress with a sedentary off season. It is even worse for these players if they lose their Health Care coverage because a CBA is not in place.

Daylon from Wyoming: Denvers WR's for sure. That was the one and only position that any Bronco fan felt safe about going into next year. I guess Decker is going to really get some good PT. Lloyd, Gaff and Deck is a decent set of WR's.

Adam Schwartz from Florence S.C.: I think that Rogers coming in this early in the offseason for a visit in KC is the story of the week. The fact that we even reached out to him gives cause for optimism for us KC fans. We are usually really quiet this time of the offseason, and we have made a splash with the Zorn hire, tagging Hali, and hopefully Rogers will want to work with Crennel again and flourish in KC like Shaun Smith did this past season. Us Chiefs fans are not used to things looking this good this early in the offseason. Super Bowl??????