Denver GM Xanders talks No. 2 pick, Tebow

INDIANAPOLIS -- Denver Broncos general manager Brian Xanders said the team is open and ready to either keep the No. 2 overall pick or trade it.

Xanders understands that Denver will most likely keep the pick. The second overall pick hasn’t been traded in 11 years. The Broncos will get a better feel for whether the pick is tradeable if there is a new CBA agreed upon prior to the April 28-30 draft. If there is a new rookie pay scale, the pick could be easier to move.

Xanders said he does not have a preference on what to do with the pick, but Denver is preparing itself for any scenario.

Meanwhile, Xanders strongly denied a recent NFL.com report that second-year quarterback Tim Tebow doesn’t have the support of the team’s brass. Twice, Xanders said the report is "false." Xanders said Tebow is doing everything the team expects him to do.

Xanders said the Broncos are open to addressing any position in the draft and will evaluate every position closely. However, he did acknowledge Denver’s major needs on defense. Xanders said the defensive side of the ball is deep in this year’s draft. It’s clear Denver -- which has four picks in the first 67 -- is planning to concentrate on defense.