'You pick it' responses

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

We didn't have a runaway winner in this week's "you pick it" feature.

The candidates were the trade talk that Oakland could send defensive end Derrick Burgess to New England; Jeff Garcia's comments about the starting quarterback position in Oakland and Brian Waters and Mike Vrabel not showing up to the Chiefs' voluntary minicamp. Each story got its share of support.

Below are some of your responses. Thanks to those who participated.

Gabriel from Kansas City: It would have to be Derrick Burgess! The last time the Raiders traded a player to the Patriots, I think it was a no name called Randy Moss for a fourth round draft pick. Randy Moss first season he broke almost every single wide reciver record for a season.He was hurt the past two seasons this should be his year to be healthy and have another Pro Bowl year. Raiders should keep Burgess and play him till hes wheels fall off!

Aaron from Syracuse: Hmmm, we have a trade rumor, vets not reporting for voluntary workouts or a QB signed as a backup pushing to start. Well if the trade happens, that's news... If the vets don't report to mandatory camps, that's news... but otherwise the only news is the story of Garcia creating a QB controversy in Oakland.

Kyle from Santa Rosa: The Burgess story is the biggest one by far. What would the Raiders get if they did trade him? And who would fill the position with him leaving?

Brandon from Billings: I would have to say the Vets in KC, because with such a young team they need that Vetran leadership. KC needs to trade Waters because he doesn't want to be there and when you have a player that doesn't want to be there you might as well sign TO, and isn't this the exact reason they traded for Vrabel is because he brought leadership to the young D?

Jeremy from Jacksonville, NC: The only way that a Burgess to Pats trade becomes a relative story line is if Burgess turns into the defensive version of Randy Moss. It is no secret that Burgess has been unhappy in Oakland in recent seasons (largely due to his wish for more money). The reality is that his production has dramatically declined from 15 sacks to 11 to 8 and finally 3 last season. The Garcia-Russell media fed battle is just that, media fed. Russell is the starter barring injury or atrocious play (think Tim Couch like play). With all of that said, the biggest AFC West storyline is not so much the absence of Waters but more so the absence of Vrabel. Vrabel, even though he is on the downside of his career, is the veteran presence needed on a young team that is looking to improve. His name is almost legendary in Patriots lore as a hard-nosed do anything to win type player. I definately can see where he would be displeased going from a perennial title contender to a bottom dweller but most people would have believed that a player of Vrabel's character would suck it up and play football while teaching the young guys how to be true professionals. Maybe Vrabel is more like his whining, finger pointing, cheating former coach than he is a true pro in every essence of the word. Regardless though, Kansas City will continue to struggle with or without him.

Bill from NYC: Burgess to New England? It's a win-win for both New England has (3) 2nd round picks in 2010 and can gamble on the past injured Burgess. Derrick is in a contract year and will be looking to cash in and will be playing hungry. The Pats can utilize him in pass rush situations where he can thrive. Oakland can use the extra pick for next year either for the future or even for trade with another team for a skill player this year? Oakland mgmnt is really high on Trevor Scott and look to give him more snaps. He doesn't bring the experience that Burgess has but you can't ignore the 5 sacks he had last season along with the new talent they've drafted.

Sean from Houston: It has to be Jeff Garcia publicly saying that he should be the start for the Oakland Raiders. It is good that Garcia wants to compete for the starting job and I would hope that he wants to. But to publicly say it is a distraction that Russell and the Raiders do not need. Russell is not a bad NFL QB. He just needs stability in his coaching staff and that is Al Davis' responsibility. Garcia needs to realize that Russell is the franchise QB for the Oakland Raiders and he (meaning Garcia) needs to play his role as backup and mentor. If Garcia outperforms Russell in mini-camp and the preseason, then yes he should be the starter. But it is Russell's job to lose. Hopefully this will be motivation for Russell to pull away for the buffet line and put in the work to be a starting NFL QB. Russell needs to prove that he is not in the NFL just for the money. Show that you are dedicated to the game.
Kevin from San Jose: I think we all knew Jeff Garcia would not take the backup spot. So, that being said I think the story of the week is Burgess to New England. If this trade goes through and we get a 2nd rounder that would be a steal! It just seems Burgess has no interest in playing for the Raiders anymore.

Daylong from Wyoming: For me it is the vets staying away in KC. Kinda suprises me that Vrabel coming from the Pats would be like that, but there may be more to it that I am not aware of. Do you see these vets attituted affecting the younger guys?