Broncos lose out on Atogwe

The Denver Broncos got their answer on O.J. Atogwe’s future and it wasn’t favorable for the Broncos.

With the idea of getting a deal done before a potential lockout, Atogwe agreed to a five-year, $26 million deal with Washington. The Broncos were one of several teams interested in Atogwe.

The Broncos started to pursue Atogwe last week. He was cut by St. Louis last month. The Broncos liked Atogwe because of his ability to create turnovers.

While the Broncos wanted Atogwe, this isn’t a crushing blow. There will be plenty of talented players available once free agency begins. However, the Broncos wanted to take advantage of trying to grab a quality available veteran during this time of limbo. But Washington and its big money won out.