Weekend AFC West notes

Let’s catch up on some AFC West weekend headlines:

Several Chiefs’ players are planning to get together on their own next month if there is a lockout. I think it’s a great move by these young Chiefs. They know they have a good thing going in Kansas City and they are planning to do what it takes to not fall too far behind. That’s a sign of a mature group of players.

Here’s a report that the Panthers are not sold on the idea of taking a defensive tackle No. 1, and are considering taking a quarterback. Denver, which has the No. 2 pick, is watching this closely. The Broncos are considering several defensive players for their pick.

Here’s a report that says the Vikings considered trading for Denver quarterback Kyle Orton, but now is off that idea. I say, let’s wait and see what happens when the new CBA is complete and players be traded. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Vikings had interest in Orton again.

Oakland tight end Zach Miller hopes to stay in Oakland. I don’t think he has anything to worry about. One way or another, I expect Miller to be a Raider in 2011.

The Chargers and potential free-agent safety Eric Weddle are playing a talking game. I wouldn’t read much into this. I know the Chargers want to re-sign Weddle, and I expect them to pursue him pretty hard.

Here’s an opinion that suggests new Chargers safety Bob Sanders slapped the Colts in the face by going to San Diego. I don’t buy that at all. The Colts cut Sanders. What is the guy supposed to do? Not go get another job?

Add the Jets and Dolphins to the teams Bengals’ receiver Chad Ochocinco would like to play for. Earlier this offseason, Ochocinco talked about a reunion with Oakland coach Hue Jackson. Here’s the bottom line on Ochocinco: He’d play anywhere for the right amount.

UPDATE: Veteran San Diego inside linebacker Stephen Cooper expects he’ll test the free-agent waters. Fellow inside linebackers Kevin Burnett and Brandon Siler are also potential free agents. The Chargers will likely bring in one or two inside linebackers in the offseason.