Will Raiders hire a DC?

I often get asked what the Oakland Raiders are going to do about their open defensive coordinator position.

Well, it’s March 7 and there has not been any talk recently about Oakland pursuing anyone. So, while a new defensive coordinator can always be hired, I think it is reasonable to think Oakland’s defensive staff is set.

At the NFL combine on Feb. 24, new Oakland head coach Hue Jackson said he could hire a defensive coordinator or he could stand pat. That was 11 days ago, and there’s been no reported talks that the team will hire a defensive coordinator.

“I don’t want to rush to any decision. I don’t have to right now,” Jackson said. “Obviously we have a very good staff right now. There are still some guys I talk to from time to time. But I also feel comfortable with where we are. When I decide that the process needs to be over, it’ll be over, but right now that’s not the No. 1 thing that’s on my mind … I mean, again, when I go to bed at night I feel very good about where we are.”

Chuck Bresnahan is still listed on Oakland’s team website as a defensive coach with no specific role. There is always a chance Bresnahan (who formerly was Oakland's defensive coordinator) could assume the defensive coordinator role.

Again, there is no clarity, but in reality, Oakland doesn’t have to clarify anything. It can design its staff any way it wishes. And currently, designating a defensive coordinator doesn’t seem to be a top priority.