AFC West mailbag

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

Weekend mail call:

Jason from Pensacola, Fl. wants to know if Denver will make a play for Dallas defensive end Greg Ellis.

BW: I wouldn't be surprised if Denver made a play or Ellis, whether through a trade or if he is released by Dallas. We know Ellis won't be in Dallas next year, so Denver can get involved if it chooses. The Broncos' old brass liked Ellis a couple of years ago. He'd give the team a legitimate veteran pass rusher to help offset a bunch of young pass rushers. This wouldn't be a terrible move by the team.

Jesse from Huntsville wants to know if JaMarcus Russell has a bad season could Oakland go after Sam Bradford or Colt McCoy in the next year's draft:

BW: If Russell really struggles and the team decides, he can't be counted on as a future starter, then sure, Bradford and McCoy could be possibilities next year. But I really think Oakland will give Russell two more years to prove himself. Don't get me wrong, this season is crucial for Russell. But because so much was invested in the 2007 top overall pick, the Raiders are going to make sure Russell is a failure before cutting bait. He will be given every benefit of the doubt before an alternative option is taken. Raiders' fans need to root for Russell to succeed. If he doesn't, it will set the franchise back a few more years.

Kevin from Cedar Rapids wants to know if Oakland could pursue free agent receiver Matt Jones.

BW: I haven't heard much about Oakland. I know some other teams could be in play for Jones, including Dallas. He could help Oakland. But I think the Raiders may be better off trying to develop some younger receivers than trying to latch onto a troubled veteran such as Jones or Plaxico Burress at this point.

Randy wants to know if Matt Cassel will sign a long-term deal with the Chiefs.

BW: I know there has been chatter that either Cassel is asking for too much or that the Chiefs want Cassel to show himself. I don't really buy it. I think the plan is for Cassel to sign a long-term deal. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if a deal was announced by the start of the season. Kansas City has a slew of salary cap room and paying Cassel would eat some of it up. The team traded for him to be the starting quarterback. I see this one playing out fairly soon with Cassel chasing in a new contract.