Mike Vrabel takes on NFL negotiator

Kansas City Chiefs veteran linebacker Mike Vrabel was part of the labor negotiations last week. He knows what went on in the meetings.

Apparently, he wasn’t on the same page with NFL negotiator Jeff Pash. After the talks broke down Friday, Pash gave a detailed review of what he said the NFLPA turned down. Vrabel wasn’t buying it.

“I thought you were going to come in with the slow clap and someone say, ‘The Oscar goes to … Jeff Pash.’ … He stands up in front of a student body and he’s going to fire up the troops,” Vrabel said in an interview with a Dallas radio station. “A deal doesn’t get done in small pieces. There are a lot of parts to a collective bargaining agreement and a positive deal. A lot of those things weren’t the case, but even if they were the case, you don’t agree to things in pieces. A deal gets done in its entirety.”

Vrabel said he is hopeful that the lockout won’t extend into the season, but he didn’t give any promises.

“I hope that we don’t miss games and I don’t want it to come to that and I don’t think anyone does,” Vrabel said. “We just couldn’t get anything done. … I’d like to think that we’re a little more unified in what we’re able to do and we’re going to take care of those guys that crossed those picket lines back in the day and weren’t able to stand up for the rest of the players.”