AFC West mailbag

Weekend mail call:

Jake Wilson from San Jose wants to know if I believe the speculation that Oakland free-agent tight end Zach Miller will leave the Raiders this year.

Bill Williamson: I don’t see it, Jake. I think the Oakland Raiders will do everything in their power to keep Miller. We don’t know if he is going to be a restricted or an unrestricted free agent once the lockout is over. We’ve heard different reports, but we won’t know the exact free-agent format until there is clarity in the form of a new agreement or a court decision. The Raiders have given Miller the high tender in case he is restricted. Even if he is unrestricted, I think the Raiders will do what it takes to keep him. Miller has said he wants to stay and that there have been preliminary extension talks. His loss would be devastating and the Raiders know it.

Seth Hanson from Fayettechill wants to know if I think Ricky Stanzi could be a potential draft pick for the Kansas City Chiefs.

BW: I think Stanzi is a guy who the Chiefs will consider. They are going to work out TCU’s Andy Dalton, so that’s an indication the Chiefs are looking for a young quarterback. Stanzi could be a nice option and could be drafted later than Dalton. He is a strong leader who has some skills. He could be a good project and can learn from Matt Cassel.

Paul Carey from Boulder wants to know what type compensatory picks the Raiders would expect if free agents Nnamdi Asomugha, Robert Gallery and Michael Huff leave.

BW: These comp picks will be given to Oakland in 2012. Comp picks are given from rounds 3-7, based on a formula based on salary, playing time and postseason honors. Assuming comp picks are a part of the next collective bargaining agreement, if Asomugha leaves, pencil in Oakland for a third-round pick. It would very likely be the No. 97 pick. I don’t see any scenario, where another team gets a higher pick. Sometimes, comp picks are given to teams based on the total number of free agents who leave. But I think if Gallery and Huff joined Asomugha as free-agent departures, Oakland could be in line for two extra picks, perhaps fourth rounders. The exact compensation would be determined after next season.