AFC West mailbag

Mid-week mail call:

Jacob from Lindsay, Neb., wants to know if I think Denver could take LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson at No. 2 and then trade back into the first round to take a defensive end.

Bill Williamson: That is certainly an option. I’m sure Denver will come up with several scenarios headed into draft night and that should be one of them. Denver has the No. 36 and No. 46 picks in the second round. That could (plus a little extra sugar, perhaps) be enough to move up into the first round and grab one of the many defensive end available. But I think Denver is interested in getting more picks. Denver has four picks in the first 67 choices. I think it would like to get up to six picks in the first three rounds. Compiling more picks in the first three rounds may be more attractive than getting two picks in the first round. But I think it will be considered.

Edward Moretti from Imperial Beach, Calif., wants to know if the league were to blackball Texas A&M linebacker Von Miller, for being part of the lawsuit against the owners in the lockout, would San Diego take him at No. 18.

BW: We discussed the possibility of Miller being blackballed early in the lockout. Ultimately, I don’t think Miller will be blackballed, although I’m sure more than a few owners are not pleased with him. But he’s too talented to fall because of politics. He is a top-five talent. If he fell to No. 18, I bet San Diego would jump at him. If he fell out of the top 10, I’d think the Chargers would seriously make a move on Miller. He’d be a great fit there. But I don’t see it happening.

Jeremey from Anchorage wants to know if Miller would fit into Denver’s 4-3 defense.

BW: The intriguing thing about Miller is he is considered a good fit for both the 3-4 and the 4-3. Some people think he’s a better fit one scheme more than the other. But he is such a special, versatile talent he could play for any team. With Denver moving to the 4-3 to start the John Fox era, I could see the Broncos being interested making Miller a part of the offense.