Personal conduct policy lives on

Oakland free-agent tackle Mario Henderson will not get a free pass because there is an NFL lockout.

The NFL said it will expect its players to live up to the league’s personal conduct policy during the lockout. Thus, Henderson could be disciplined by the league when the lockout ends after his arrest Thursday for carrying a concealed weapon. There is no guarantee Oakland will try to re-sign Henderson. It is expected to try to upgrade the offensive line through the draft.

Here are some other AFC West-related nuggets on a Friday afternoon:

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Oakland Hall of Fame tight end Dave Casper is not a fan of the lockout. He blames both the players and the owners. Here are some of Casper’s thoughts about the lockout mess:

Casper said he had "no idea" how the labor disagreement between the owners and NFL players would be resolved, likening the stalemate to a "bunch of 26-year-olds" showing their testosterone against owners "more afraid of each other in general. I just don't know," he said.

I wouldn’t be surprised to hear more former players chime in on this issue as it drags on.