GQ gets ugly with Oakland Raiders' fans

I’ve long thought the bashing of Oakland Raiders’ fans has been overdone.

Raiders’ fans have a poor reputation across the country. So, I’m not surprised at these results.

According to a poll done by GQ, Raiders fans are the fourth worst fans in America. I’m a tad surprised. I’d expect Oakland fans to crack the top 3 because of the way they are perceived nationally.

Philadelphia Phillies and Philadelphia Eagles fans were ranked No. 1 and No. 2. Dallas Cowboys fans were also on the list. I think the Raiders’ fans inclusion is kind of predictable and uninspired. Here is a piece of the reasoning behind the No. 4 ranking of Raiders’ fans:

"Ever since John Madden collected the NFL's most vicious trouble cases into a Super Bowl–winning wrecking crew, the Silver and Black have attracted an unholy fan base of hell-raisers, gangbangers, and inveterate knife-lickers, all of whom firmly believe that skipping town for an away game is well worth the parole violation."

I take umbrage with that description. It’s a cheap shot. Raiders’ fans are passionate and they like their opinions to be heard, but I wouldn’t classify every fan as some incorrigible philistine. It’s an unfair grouping.

What do you think about GQ’s ranking? Fill up the comment section below with your thoughts.