Gates not bothered by Moss rip

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

AFC East blogger Tim Graham has caught the attention of San Diego star tight end Antonio Gates.

Last week, Graham quoted Randy Moss as saying NBA star LeBron James would be a better player in the NFL than Gates. It's the same Gates is who has been one of the best tight ends in recent memory.

In a radio interview, though, Gates (a college basketball player) took Moss' comments well.

No, you know what?" Gates said of Moss' words. He's talking about a phenom. To compare me to a guy who's somewhat of a phenom at what he does as a professional athlete
... I was at Kent State when LeBron was in high school, so I knew he
was an all-state football player. I knew the guy could play football.
Not a doubt in my mind that he would be able to come out here and play
at a high level. You can't say he's not tough because he is a tough
kid. It's just something that will always be remained to be seen. Guys
been trying to do the whole Antonio Gates story. ... But when you talk
about a guy like LeBron, the sky's the limit for his athletic ability
that he has."