Your call: 'Madden 12'

What a cool opportunity for everyone. Fans will choose the "Madden 12" cover man through a SportsNation poll.

All 32 teams have one candidate. Players are going head-to-head by division in the first round to pare down the list of candidates to 16. Round 1 voting ends Sunday. The winner will be announced April 26 on "SportsNation."

The AFC West battles will pit San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers against Oakland running back Darren McFadden and Denver quarterback Tim Tebow against Kansas City running back Jamaal Charles. Rivers is the No. 1 seed on his side of the bracket and McFadden is the No. 16 seed. In the other bracket, Charles is the No. 6 seed and Tebow is the No. 11 seed.

How are you going to vote?