John Fox talks draft and more

New Denver coach John Fox met the media at the NFL owners meeting Tuesday in New Orleans. Here is a sampling of his session:

On having the No. 2 pick in next month’s draft:

John Fox: They'll be a player there whose worth that pick in this draft. Some years you don't want to be there, but there are a lot of players there in this draft.

My take: The Broncos are in good shape. They have several players to choose from at No. 2. I know Denver could be persuaded to trade the pick and move down a few spots. The deeper the top of the draft is, the better it is for Denver.

On Denver’s defensive needs:

JF: The cupboard's not bare. A guy like Robert Ayers, I had him as a defensive end (before the 2009 draft). Elvis Dumervil didn't play and I think that really affected the defense a year ago. He's obviously one of the better players. Back-end wise the secondary is pretty solid. I think just re-tooling the front seven, particularly the front, getting more to a 4-3 setup than a 3-4, that's going to require some work. Personally I think it's a little easier and a little better to rush the passer.

My take: It sure sounds like Denver may be leaning toward taking a defensive lineman at No. 2, doesn’t it?

On what he likes about being in Denver:

JF: Not to compare. I just think it's one of the best organizations in the NFL -- with Mr. (Pat) Bowlen -- so I think that's always critical when you’re in my position. The fan base, the passion of the fan base is outstanding. I've been places like Pittsburgh and New York and just the passion. Winning tradition. Probably the best home-field advantage in the National Football League, I mean no one else has altitude.

My take: Fox knows how to win over a room. He is always going to say the right thing.

On how the lockout affects a new coaching staff:

JF: We're all operating in the same situation. A lot is made of being a new coach, but there have been new coaches in this league forever. I don't think it's really that much of a factor in that way. I had a chance to meet all the players early on. Right now it's just a matter of implementing our systems.'

My take: This isn’t Fox’s first rodeo. This is his 10th straight season as a head coach. He knows how to handle curve balls, even if it’s in a new spot.

On how much interaction he had with his new players before the lockout:

JF: A lot. I met them all. It's not much different yet. You've got to give them a break after the season. You wouldn't have seen them much anyway. The thing about this is we're all operating under the same guidelines. I'm talking about all 32 teams.''

My take: Fox is known for his great communication skills. I’m sure he took advantage of his early time with his players.

NOTE: I hope to get the transcripts from all of the AFC West coaches' interviews Tuesday. I will post reaction when I get them. Fox is first because his transcript was available first.