Will poor test score hurt Patrick Peterson?

There hasn’t been much to ding LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson about. That’s why he remains No. 1 on Mel Kiper’s latest big board in an ESPN.com Insider piece.

Peterson was a productive college player and he was dominant at the NFL combine. He has a unique blend of size and speed. Denver is expected to consider him with the No. 2 overall pick. Denver is set to meet with him before the April 28-30 draft. There is even a chance Peterson will be the first cornerback ever to go No. 1 in the draft.

However, Pro Football Weekly is reporting some news that could potentially cause teams to think twice about Peterson. The magazine reports that Peterson was one of four of the 330 players at the NFL combine in February to post a single-digit score on the 50-question Wonderlic test. It is an intelligence test that teams use in the draft process.

The score certainly isn’t a positive, but I don’t think it will cause Peterson to drop too much. The way he plays the game is what teams will count most. I’m sure teams will discuss their playbook with Peterson and decide whether or not they feel comfortable with him prior to the draft. However, there is finally a negative about this great prospect.