'You pick it' responses

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

We had a blow-out winner in this week's "you pick it" feature.

Readers believe the AFC West story of the week is Denver receiver Brandon Marshall staying away from the team because he wants a pay raise.

The other candidates were Denver cutting running back J.J. Arrington after he failed a physical and the Chiefs cutting the fourth player of their 12-member 2008 draft class. The Marshall story, though, was a runaway winner.

Below are some of your responses. Thanks to those who participated.

Gabriel from Kansas City: It would have to be Brandon Marshall wanting a new contract. To start out he is the Broncos best reciever on the roster.A ProBowl receiver. Brandon Marshall deserves a new contract. But he cant stay out of trouble the past two seasons. So the Broncos most likely are not goin to give Brandon a new contract.

Aaron from Fort Collins: Brandon Marshall "holding out" is this weeks story line. He's fresh off hip surgery, a new system being installed, and he's got off the field issues (resolved or not, it's still a risk). Whatever happened to honoring a contract these days? Show up, shut up and play.

Parker from Boulder: Story of the week has got to be the Chiefs cutting another young player. In the past two drafts the Chiefs have had a lot of picks and following each draft they have been getting high draft grades. But if they aren't making good picks or can't coach these players well enough to keep them they are never going to finish rebuilding. The Chiefs are once again going to be starting a lot of rookies and 2nd year players which is good for rebuilding but only retaining 8 out of the 12 you picked just one year ago will prevent you from ever building a squad, even if you are focusing on playing your young players, especially considering their lack of FA activity.

Zach from WA: It has to be the Marshall situation. While he claims to be in Florida for health reasons and not money, it is still a red flag to the broncos because they need him around the camps. But also another huge story is Marshall avoiding suspension. Put that on your list of storylines.

Danny from Phoenix: The story has to be Brandon Marshall holding out. I really enjoy watching the NFL continue to place character a distant second to ability, and this one should be a doozy. When (not if)the Broncos reward such ridiculous behavior of a woman batterer by giving him a raise, it will further justify poor behavior and tantrum throwing by players. I dont care if he thinks he isn't getting paid enough, at least Boldin made it to the superbowl before throwing a hissy fit!

Matt from San Diego: Bill, Marshall holding out (or maybe holding out) is the only story of the three presented. When a team like KC drafts twelve guys, you know they're going to cut some over the next year or two. As for Arrington, well, seven was a crowd. But if B.M. wants more money, he should make like a guy every team wants and quit whining.