Chat wrap: Seymour trade rewind

One of the biggest trades in the AFC West in recent memory was Oakland’s acquisition of defensive lineman Richard Seymour from New England in September 2009. The trade is topical now because the Raiders’ payment to New England is soon due. The Raiders sent their first-round pick in 2011 in the deal. The Patriots have the No. 17 pick in next month’s draft.

I was asked about the deal a couple of times in our AFC West chat on Thursday. I maintain that it was good deal for New England because it remained a playoff team without Seymour, it saved $25 million in the past two years and it gets a high pick next month. I don’t necessarily think it was a bad move for Oakland because Seymour has made the Raiders’ defense better and tougher. But it was a steep price considering that Oakland will pay him more than $55 million in four years (assuming he is not cut next year) and that Seymour is already 31 and he missed three games last season. I’d like to see Seymour be part of a playoff team in Oakland. That’s why the trade was made -- to make the Raiders a winner.

Other topics we discussed included Tim Tebow’s future in Denver, the idea of the Chiefs trading up for Julio Jones and Darren Sproles’ future in San Diego.

Thanks to everyone who participated.