Around the AFC West

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson


Here is a nice remembrance of the late Darrent Williams.

My take: Williams was a popular player in Denver. His death rocked the city. There may have been wholesale changes in the Broncos' organization since his death, on Jan. 1, 2007, but Williams will always be part of the fabric of the franchise.

Kansas City

Matt Cassel is not hung up on whether he signs an extension with the Chiefs.

My take: Cassel has the right attitude. There is no reason for him to worry about a contract. He needs to go out and try to turn around the franchise and show he can succeed outside his New England comfort zone. If he frets about a new deal, it will be counterproductive for both him and the Chiefs.


A look at the impact of Lorenzo Neal.

My take: This was a terrific signing by Oakland. Neal is one of the best fullbacks ever to play in the NFL. He will help the Raiders' offense. With Oakland's strong trio of running backs and the addition of Neal, the Raiders should have one of the fiercest running games in the league.

San Diego

A look at the sad tale of Chris Mims.

My take: This another reminder of how quickly things can fall apart. It's just a sobering story and a must read.