Agent: Wiegmann and Broncos won't fight

Posted by ESPN.com's Bill Williamson

The agent for Denver center Casey Wiegmann said the contract discussions between the Pro Bowler and the team will not become acrimonious.

"No, that will not happen," agent Joe Linta said Wednesday. "We've had a very good experience with the Broncos and that will continue."

Linta has expressed a desire to redo Wiegmann's contract since the player decided not to retire in February. Wiegmann signed a modest two-year contract last year. After starter Tom Nalen couldn't play because of a knee injury, Wiegmann, who'll turn 36 next month, made the Pro Bowl.

Wiegmann told the Colorado Springs Gazette on Monday that it would be "tough" for him not to retire before training camp starts late next month if he isn't given a new contract. Linta said that Wiegmann and the Broncos are on the same page and are communicating.

Linta said it is a tribute to both parties that they said they want to do it "the right way." Wiegmann has participated in all of Denver's offseason activities.

"This has all been above board," Linta said. "Casey is doing it the right way. He is not staying away. He is showing up and doing it the right way. I'm certain the Broncos will, in turn, do the right thing. Both Josh McDaniels (Denver's coach) and Brian Xanders (Denver's general manager) are professionals. We feel good about dealing with them."

While anything can happen, I'd be surprised if this situation got out of control. I don't believe the two sides are far apart. Wiegmann wants to play or he wouldn't be laboring this spring the way he has been and Denver needs him. Because both sides are being civil, I expect some type of accord within the next month.