Sound-off responses

There are many different thoughts by Denver fans when it comes to what to do with the No. 2 pick. Let’s look at some of your responses to our sound-off question:

Chris A. from Littleton, Colo.: Hey Bill, the Broncos' top pick should not be traded. The truly special talent in this draft is Patrick Peterson and that's where the Broncos should start, but if the Panthers have already taken him, Marcell Dareus should be the pick. At least one of the Broncos' two second round picks should be spent on a defensive tackle (maybe Stephen Paea or Marvin Austin) and the other should be Mikel Leshoure, so that coach Fox has a big, strong running back to take handoffs from Tebow.

Tag from Logan, Utah: I would like to see them stand pat and not trade down unless they got incredible value for doing so. They need a standout on the D-line. Of course, Dareus would be a great choice here. My fear is that Carolina will go defense and then the Broncos will choose Gabbert or Newton figuring that they can go defense later with the other 3 picks in the top 67. Be smart Denver - go defense, defense, defense, defense.

Nate from Portland: Denver should use the second pick to choose a top DT, either Dareus, who seems like the more sure bet, or Fairley, who some have concerns about but who blew me away every time I saw him play. Then I think they should grab another DT with their 2nd round choice. Stephen Paea would be great, if available. This isn't a one-year rebuilding job and if the Broncos can get a top DT tandem for the next decade by playing to the strength of this draft then I think they should (since they REALLY need a top DT, this could also be seen as a great hedge).

Ernest Shay from Tsaile, Ariz.: I think the Broncos should try and trade their pick by moving back within two to three spots, but make sure the other teams are interested in a quarterback … then draft a defensive tackle (Fairley or Dareus), Patrick Peterson, or Von Miller. Whichever player is available ... we will definitely use one of those guys and lets go for defense. If not, don’t trade and get Dareus.

I think Denver should hope Alabama defensive tackle Dareus is available at No. 2 since he fills a major need and is a top prospect. If Dareus is the first pick of the draft, perhaps Denver should look to trade down to the No. 5-8 range to compile more picks and then hope a player like LSU cornerback Peterson, Auburn defensive tackle Nick Fairley or Texas A&M linebacker Miller is still available.

If Dareus is gone at No. 2, and no good trade offers are available (the No. 2 pick hasn’t been traded in 11 years), I think Denver should take Miller. Miller is a special player, who can help Denver’s front seven immediately. Whatever happens, Denver should be in good shape.

Thanks to everyone who participated.