Denver has long looked for answer on D-line

Earlier Friday, we looked at the risk of taking a defensive lineman with a top-five pick. Over the past 20 years, taking a defensive end or a defensive tackle early has not always turned out well.

The Denver Broncos are in the midst of studying defensive linemen in the draft. The Broncos have the No. 2 pick of the draft and are considering taking a defensive lineman.

It’s no surprise they are still trying to find an answer on the defensive line. They’ve long tried to score at the position. From 194-2003, there were a dozen defensive linemen who were taken in among the top five picks.

Denver acquired five of those 12 players after they failed elsewhere. They were Dan Wilkinson, Simeon Rice, Courtney Brown, Gerard Warren and Dewayne Robertson. Only Warren had some form of success in Denver. Denver traded for Wilkinson but the deal was eventually rescinded because Wilkinson refused to report.

All of those players were brought in by former coach Mike Shanahan. Former Denver coach Josh McDaniels didn’t have much luck with defensive linemen, either. He signed free agents Jamal Williams, Justin Bannan and Jarvis Green last year. Green was cut before the season and Williams and Bannan were cut this offseason.

Now, it’s new Denver coach John Fox’s turn to try to finally score on the defensive line in Denver.