AFC West mailbag

Mid-week mail call:

Dan from Virginia Beach, Va., wants to know if the Raiders could take a quarterback such as Florida State’s Christian Ponder or Nevada’s Colin Kaepernick in the second round and take Penn State guard Stefen Wisniewski in the third round.

Bill Williamson: Dan, I think that would be an ideal situation for Oakland. The problem is all three of those players might be taken in the first two rounds. If Oakland wants to take a gamble, I think it probably should take the quarterback (Ponder might be taken before Kaepernick) and then hope Wisniewski is available in the third round. If that scenario unfolded, Oakland would have a potential quarterback of the future and a player who could compete to start at center or guard very soon. That’s a lot of value for those two choices.

Matt Vander Werf from Monroe, Iowa, wants to know if the Chargers could look at Iowa quarterback Ricky Stanzi as insurance if Billy Volek leaves in free agency.

BW: Stanzi is rising up some boards (Kansas City has an interest) and he could be taken in the fourth or the fifth round. The Chargers have a lot of picks and they could take a look at a quarterback to be groomed as Philip Rivers’ backup. They took Jonathan Crompton in the fifth round last year, but he was cut. So, the Chargers could keep an eye out for a quarterback in the late rounds again.

Andrew from Lawrence, Kan., wants to know if Jets’ receiver Santonio Holmes could end up in the AFC West.

BW: It depends if he is unrestricted or restricted. If he is unrestricted, Holmes will be highly coveted by many teams around the league. If San Diego and Kansas City don’t draft a receiver early, I could see some interest. Oakland could use a veteran receiver as well, and Holmes could fit there as well. But, again, many teams would be interested in Holmes if he hits the open market.