Chiefs' Hunt, Vrabel are at mediation

There are reportedly only four NFL owners and two of the 10 players who are suing the league to end the lockout present at the mediation in Minnesota on Thursday.

The Kansas City Chiefs are well represented. An NFL spokesman tweeted that Chiefs’ owner Clark Hunt is at the proceedings. ESPN’s Ed Werder reported on “SportsCenter” that Chiefs’ linebacker Mike Vrabel is also there. Vrabel has been visible during much of the negotiations.

Vrabel is on the NFLPA executive committee. Vrabel isn’t keeping a low profile after his arrest last week at an Indiana casino for the alleged theft of alcohol. Vrabel has said it was a misunderstanding and he hopes it will soon be resolved.

In other AFC West news Thursday afternoon:

  • With Vrabel, a free-agent, aging and uncertain of his return to Kansas City, the Chiefs looked at North Carolina middle linebacker Quan Sturdivant.

  • Here is a look at how each division is stacking up in our position-by-position power rankings. The AFC West is ranked sixth in overall voting points.

  • ESPN.com takes an in-depth look at Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett. There has been speculation that because of questions surrounding his character, the strong-armed Mallett could potentially fall to Oakland at the No. 48 pick. Mallett physically fits the description quarterbacks Oakland owner Al Davis has long coveted.

  • San Diego coach Norv Turner is keeping busy during the lockout.

  • Denver second-year quarterback Tim Tebow has the fifth highest-selling jersey in the NFL. He had the highest-selling jersey for much of last season. I wonder if Tebow’s jersey sales will dwindle if Denver takes a quarterback in the draft.

  • The Raiders continue to look at cornerbacks prior to the draft.

  • Former Oakland personnel man Mike Lombardi (who said he was not involved in the team’s 2007 draft plan because he was on his way out of Oakland) did a draft redo for 2007. Instead of major draft bust JaMarcus Russell, Lombardi now has Jets’ cornerback Darrelle Revis pegged for the Raiders. If only it was that easy.